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April Fool: The Fool's Day

It all began in 1564 when Charles IX, king of France by an ordonnance of Roussillon, Dauphine, has determined that the year began on January 1, in which was followed by other European countries. Of course, at first the confusion was general, since the media were still missing. There was no radio, television, even the newspaper, since the invention of printing by Gutenberg, only happened after many years.
Charles IX before determining that the first of January was the beginning of the year, this was started on April 1, which resulted to be known as April Fool's Day. By virtue of the games made with the intent to cause hilarity.
Emerged, then, the games (which the French called it the plaisanteries) throughout the world, like the letter that was sent by a carrier for the other person, which read as follows: "Today is April 1. Send this
donkey to where he wants to go. "
It would be a never ending if they were here, the related games for the first of April.
Even were distributed cards inviting friends to attend the matrimonial union of people who do not even know each other, citing the church, day and time that would be celebrated the supposed marriage.
Here are a few April 1 preached by the world press, as reported in the journal That is, of Sao Paulo, n11 1488, edition of April 8, 1998: 1) "South Africa Mozambique bought for $ 10 billion. 0 ad business was done at the United Nations by South African President Nelson Mandela. He gave the Star newspaper, Johannesburg, 2) Radio Medi, Tangier, Morocco, reported that Brazil would not participate in the World Cup because the money screening would be used in fire fighting in Roraima, 3) The tiny Russian republic Djortostão declared war on the Vatican. Reason: clinch the title of Europe's smallest state. Paratanto, he would have donated six square meters of territory to a neighboring republic . This is all according to the newspaper Moscow Times, 4) Diego Maradona, the former Argentina captain of football, is the new coach of Vietnam. He gave us major Vietnamese newspapers, 5) On leaving Senegal, President
Bill Clinton would be accompanied by a delegation formed by the first 50 Senegalese who were at the embassy to ask for an entry visa in USA. So the newspaper Le Soleil, Senegal. Hundreds of Senegalese have believed the lie and ran for the U.S. Embassy. "
Reporting the death of Maurice Fruet, former mayor of Curitiba and former Congressman, the magazine that is, St. Paul, No. 1510, edition of 9 September 1998, said he "was regarded as the greatest parliamentary playful and witty that passed by the House of Representatives. An example: called a false meeting of the entire Secretariat of the then governor covered Requião on 1 April 1990 (there were 15 days Requião taken possession). The Secretaries, not understanding anything, spent m any
Delhi Palace early on. In the morning, Fruet did get the information that was a hoax Day, Fool. "
Everything makes me believe that the games, the originating plaisanteries French, always continue to exist, thanks to the eternity of folkloric events worldwide.

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