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                                          A HISTORY OF CENTRAL PARK

Central Park is a large park within the U.S. city of New York, New York State. It has an area of 3.4 square kilometers and is located in the district of Manhattan.

The park, which existed for 150 years, is considered by many New Yorkers an oasis within the great forest of skyscrapers in the region. It is a place where people can slow down the frantic New York: people can sit on a bench and read the newspaper, chat with friends, play games, ride a bike or playing with children.

With approximately twenty-five million visitors annually, Central Park is the most visited park in the city, and appeared in many films and many television progamas, making it known worldwide.

It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who later created Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Although the park looks natural, it is in fact almost entirely landscaped and contains several artificial lakes, hiking trails, two ice rinks, a living shrine, and several fields.

                                                                 events in Central Park

Throughout the year there is always something happening at the Park. You'll find free events including Central Park Activities for families and kids, tours and recreational activities. You'll find event-free Central Park, including activities for families and children, tours and recreational activities. The Central Park Conservancy holds Also ticketed events with proceeds going to benefit the Central Park. The Central Park Conservancy also conducts ticketed events with proceeds going to benefit the Central Park. Browse Our ​​Various calendars and we're sure you'll find something interesting and fun to the. Browse our different schedules and we're sure you'll find something interesting and fun to do.

                                                                     maps of Central Park

Mapa interativo do Central Park It! Tool Ferramenta
Interactive Central Park Map Our interactive Map It! O nosso mapa interativo It! tool lets you browse the entire park and locate specific landmarks via a drop down list of locations, an aerial, and a traditional map view. ferramenta permite que você navegue todo o parque e localizar pontos de referência específicos através de uma lista suspensa dos locais, uma antena e uma visualização do mapa tradicional.
For more info on how the Map It! Para obter mais informações sobre como o Mapa It! tool works click here . ferramenta funciona clique aqui . Or just click on the image to the right to get started using the map. Ou basta clicar na imMapa Runner'sagem para a direita para cowall_maps.gifmeçar a usar o mapa.

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